Department of physiology and pathophysiology with a course of medical biology is one of leading departments of medical institute of Sumy state university. General-theoretical training of students as well as educational-methodical work and scientific researches are carried out in this department.

Physiology and pathophysiology department is headed by professor Alexander Vasilyevich Ataman, who is doctor of medical sciences, the winner of the Award after A.A.Bogomolets of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Physiology and pathophysiology department was founded in 1993 and has celebrated the 20-year-old anniversary.

Teaching. Students study 4 disciplines in the department:

Educational-methodical work of the department is referred on creating of textbooks and manuals, presentations of lectures, test jobs for check of the initial and finite levels of knowledge of students.

The manual "Pathophysiology in problems and answers" written by A.V.Ataman (5 publications, since 2000, were published in Ukrainian and Russian) and his textbook "Pathophysiology" in two volumes (Vinnitsa: Nova Kniga, 2013) are very popular among students of Ukraine and abroad.

Scientific researches. Scientific examinations in the department are carried out in two directions: observational and molecular-genetic (see here). Their results were published in 4 monographs and more than 50 articles.

In 2011, the scientific laboratory of molecular-genetic investigations was opened. In this laboratory, the role of polymorphism of genes in development of widespread illnesses and pathological processes is studied.

In 2003, A.V.Ataman was awarded by the Award after A.A.Bogomolets of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for examinations in the field of pathophysiology of the veins. Results of these examinations were published in the monograph "Comparative-pathophysiologic aspects of power supply of vascular wall" (Kiev–Chernovtsy: Prut, 1999).

The chair annually, since 2008, holds Scientific readings in the name of outstanding Ukrainian scientist N.N.Zajko.

The postgraduate study in the speciality "14.03.04 – pathological physiology" is opened in the department; the student's scientific circle works. Members of the circle occupy 1st place in the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific works during three last years.

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