Scientific laboratory of molecular genetic studies

Laboratory of molecular genetic studies was opened on Oct. 12, 2009 as the research structure of the Department of physiology and pathophysiology and Medical institute of the Sumy State university. Its supervisor is head of the department of physiology and pathophysiology professor O.V.Ataman, head of the laboratory is professor V.Yu.Harbuzova.

Laboratory birthday is April 14, 2011, when first molecular genetic studies were performed and the results were obtained.

The purposes of the laboratory are:

  • creation of the contemporary scientific base for researches on the molecular and genetic level by using the newest technologies that meet international standards;
  • development of complex scientific topics with participation of all medical school departments and other structural divisions of SSU;
  • ensuring the participation of scientists of Medical Institute in international programs to study human genes polymorphism;
  • cooperation with scientific institutions and laboratories of European and other countries;
  • participation in competitions of scientific works projects to obtain grants;
  • significant improvement in the preparation of the teaching staff;
  • attraction of talented students to perform research in the modern scientific laboratory.

The main scientific direction:

study of association of gene polymorphisms with the development of multifactorial human diseases by using the method of polymerase chain reaction.

Scientific topics:

1. The role of allelic polymorphisms of genes in the development of pathological processes and diseases (state reg. number 0110U005038). Head – prof. O.V.Ataman;

2. Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms role in the development of sclerotic lesions of blood vessels (the theme of state budgetary financing No. Head – prof. O.V.Ataman, responsible executor – prof. V.Yu.Harbuzova.

3. Association of single nucleotide polymorphism of VDR and MGP genes with the development of atherothrombotic ischemic stroke (the theme of state budgetary financing No. Head – prof. O.V.Ataman, responsible executor – prof. V.Yu.Harbuzova.

4. Association of allelic polymorphism of "ectopic calcification genes" with the development of common cardiovascular diseases and their complications (the theme of state budgetary financing № Head – prof. O.V.Ataman, responsible executor – prof. V.Yu.Harbuzova.

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Scientific laboratory of molecular genetic studies, Medical Institute of the Sumy State University, Sanatornaya Str, 31, Ukraine.

Tel. (0542) 22-28-16

Fax (0542) 43-34-31

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